Simply Start with Yourself and Breath

Breathing will stimulate not just our digestive system, but our entire body and mind creating vitality and awareness. While an inadequate digestive system does the exact opposite. The digestive system is the tool/mechanism that alchemically transforms our food into nutrients, assisting in nourishing the cell membranes of the human body..This is important for the achievement of pure body awareness. 

Imbalances within our cells will reflect the imbalances within our lives. Let us concentrate on the simple things of “life”, such as BREATHING. We all need air, let's learn how to use it correctly…

1. Practice the technique of conscious abdominal breathing, this will help promote digestion .
2. Keep your spine erect while in comfortable position (seated or standing),
3. If you are wearing a belt, loosen it and if seated place feet flat on floor
4. Place your left hand on your abdominal, while placing right hand on your chest
5. Take a deep breath and observe which hand elevated.
6. If handicap and under stress right hand will elevate (inability to circulate your breath/*prana)
7. If right had elevate, you have completed the task of abdominal breathing

Abdominal Breathing will do more than promote digestion, as it’s directly connected to the ganglionic mass, i.e., Solar Plexus, associated with the sympathetic nervous system of the body.

Abdominal “Brain” / The Sympathetic nervous system. –Next Segment

*prana – life force energy, also known in as chi

Pure Body Awareness.....

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