Who Took My Solar Plexus?

Balancing our Minds and Body…..Why balanced nutrition is a major key to survival….Making a balanced choice without it is impossible.

Dr. H. A. Parkyn calls our attention to the similar effect of body upon mind, in the following words: “The moment a man’s circulation begins to run down, owing to stinted nutrition, we find that the first symptoms appear in the head. The brain failing to receive its accustomed amount of blood, such trouble as impaired memory, inability to concentrate the attention, sleeplessness, nervousness, irritability, the blues and slight headaches develop…When the blood supply is not up to the normal standard, the mental functions are interfered with to a degree corresponding to the reduction of circulation. The reasoning power becomes weakened, and the steadiest mind commences to vacillate. Fears and hallucinations of every description may fill the mind, and every impression received is likely to be greatly distorted or misconstrued. Melancholia with a fear of impending danger is often present”…..

As we look around all we see is imbalances in the way we conduct ourselves and as a Human Race. Across the board “nutrition” needs to be recognized, and attended to as a process of re-education. As the projection from the present paradigm reflects disharmony natural law is not being obeyed. Adequate “nourishment” of the body and its faculties (nervous system, digestion system, respiratory system etc.) needs to be addressed and brought forth as common knowledge for all.

The Cerebro-Spinal System, which presides over distinctly the animal faculties as sensation, motion, and intellect partners with The Solar Plexus,(The Sympathetic System) they control nutrition and growth as well as the so-called automatic mechanisms of the body, the rhythmical beating of the heart, contraction and dilation of the arteries, the peristaltic action of the gastro-intestinal tract, the contraction of smooth muscle wherever found, and the control of the secretions of various glands, etc.”

Heart Arrhythmias, high blood pressure, obesity, prostate, and colon issues all stem from the inability of the Solar Plexus to perform, with stress being a major factor (emotional/mental stress causing the solar plexus to lose its integrity).

No emotion is fully experienced until its physical state is expressed, for example; if the emotion of anger arises, it will not fully express itself until manifested in one of the organs, most likely the gallbladder. If you are emotionally unstable due to a bad relationship, or over worrying yourself to a state of depression illness will manifest within the Liver.

Technically, unknown to the common person, we have four brains we utilize together as a human being. These four brains are known as Cerebrum, Cerebellum, Medulla Oblongata and Solar Plexus

The process of digestion is an alchemic one, turning base food into nutrients; similar to the process of turning base metals into gold. The gold within man radiates from the “golden rays” of the solar plexus, “the seat of emotional man; also known as the abdominal brain. When inadequate digestion presides within the body, the “solar plexus” begins to lose it's light (energy), and become dormant, unable to perform its natural duties. The Solar Plexus plays and essential role in life, and any injury to the solar plexus will disturb the life processes. If the solar plexus becomes paralyzed, the soul will immediately be relinquished of the body.

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