Can my emotional state cause me to gain weight?

The answer is yes, yes, yes it can. Our “emotional state of mind” directly affects how we think and the decisions we make especially with nutrition.  We all are “emotional eaters”, but most overweight people are emotionally imbalanced, which reflect in our nutritional decisions. There’s nothing wrong with “comfort food”, as long as it’s nutritionally comforting.

It all begins with our Solar Plexus, our “Emotional Center”, also called our Abdominal Brain.

As an embryo or fetus at the stage where the “skull brain” is merely a pulpy mass of substance, incapable of performing any function whatsoever, or in some cases of the birth of abnormal infants, babies born without a “skull brain” or imperfect spinal cords, the Solar Plexus, or Abdominal Brain has been found to be perfectly developed, performing its full functions.

Let’s take a look at nature, and see what is revealed to us ….

Internal creation (a child), external creation (trees, plants, herbs, soil etc.):


  • A tree, created from the cosmic creative forces of nature, permeating from the ether (space) manifesting as matter (time)
  • A child, created by the cosmic creative forces of the Almighty Woman and Man, permeating from beyond the etheric realm (womb), manifesting one with ether (space,) and matter (time).


  • A tree, starts with a seed which is planted into the soil (earth and water)
  • A child, starts as a seed in the womb of a woman, her flesh (earth), her womb (water)


  • A tree, breaks soil into the elements of “Air” and “Fire” (sun)
  • A child, breaks water as a soul embodied in Flesh (earth, and water), gaining new life frequencies “air” and “sun”


Did you know if you place the flesh of carbon man under a microscope next to the soil of the earth, it would match molecule to molecule.

Did you know that our children's frequencies are the highest on earth, radiating between elemental and non-elemental atmospheres, gold being the next highest material substance.

As souls, we are all connected to everything, as everything is connected to us. As time moves forward and the weight tends to creep up, it’s most likely creating its path on a psychological plateau. If you think about it, when your mind is focused on toxic events of the past, it will recreate those events in the present and future. In science it is a fact that we are psychological “beings”, connecting through our mental bodies first and our physical last.

Mental toxins when entering the body will cause emotional imbalances which will effect the solar plexus, causing our body, mentally to go into defense mode. Instantly our body will begin to create cells with the job of storing toxins, i.e., “fat cells”. Fat cells are used as a “lifesaving” mechanism for the body however, with fat cells the death of the “body” will be the outcome.

Yes it is true, toxins consumed from food/products have a direct effect on fat cell production, which we will get into in our next post, but “mental food” is as equally important, since making healthy choices are generated from the mind.

As you know most of us are emotional eaters, and not conscious nutritional eaters. We consume to fill the void of our emotional brain (solar plexus), once we recognize this reality; we can make the necessary adjustment  in rejuvenating the body.

Freedom of expression without judgment is key, find a group of people you can be yourself around, and do exactly that, “be yourself”. Stop suppressing your emotions, and thoughts, it will only build up as toxins, the silent killer created by your own ignorance.

Lose weight, and feel great….Stop ignoring the facts (ignorance) and increase your ability to respond (responsibility) with Pure Body Awareness.

What we recommend…Start cleansing your colon, and get rid of excessive waist, alleviating yourself from tons of mental and emotional pressures. An unhealthy colon can cause us to feel depressed, sluggish, and sleepy. Also, the colon can hold at least 90 pounds of dead weight (fecal matter), so weight loss is a natural after effect.  After a colon cleanse we recommend you detox, flushing toxins out of the body. During this process we recommend an immune stimulant because while detoxing your immune system will drop.

Also, It is also recommended to detox as a group for support and motivation

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