How do I lose this weight?

Well, first you must think about is how did the weight accumulate. Think about the lifestyle you lead, and within your lifestyle what contributed to the excess weight wrapped around that body of yours..


It is important to understand how your body works and its need for nutrients. But first you must ask yourself, what are nutrients? Nutrients are the need you’re satisfying which are capture in Food. Foods are a source of nutrients, solid nourishment and a mental stimulus and is ingested and assimilated by an organism to produce energy, stimulate growth, and maintain life. Phrase food for thought something that warrants serious consideration.. Now if you eat a “meal” and the after effects are tiredness, then you did not consume food.  Satisfying your taste buds is not the same as satisfying your body’s need for nutrients.

They’re life “force” energies within the foods we consume, but the life forces within meat are temporary and sustained for approximately 72 hours after killed.  If you choose to consume meat, it should be fresh (not frozen).  If not, it will drain you of energy instead of provide.  Most of the fat that’s ones wakes up to every morning is not baby fat.  It’s the type of meats you’re consuming mixed with you inactivity level, stress and you inability to breath correctly.

Your lungs where not created to pump air, your abdominal pumps air while the lungs filters it, just observe a newborn child.  Believe it or not without the correct breath it’s impossible to have a complete thought.  We will discuss “the breath” in detail later. My point is, what you’re looking at around your abdominal area and other areas is fat. Take a step back and think about how it got to this point.  Not just what you ate, but why were you eating it.  What was your state of mind at the time? Think about it, because that’s what really needs to be adjusted, in tuned and aligned.  It is that mind of yours that brought you to this point.

Who told you it was ok to eat that hamburger from your favorite fast-food spot, or that curry goat/oxtail with rice and peas/bean, which is starch on starch (acid on acid). The combinations of dead flesh with additional starches are a deadly mix. Better be careful, it might just knock you out for the count

First thing, you need to teach yourself how to take a correct breath, bringing fourth correct thoughts.  Then you can begin the to think about how to create the necessary adjustment to loose your weight.  A fad diet will not work. It will need to be a lifestyle change.

The Average diet in America is acid base, which in return bring down your ph level.  Well, if that happens you’re now susceptible to injuries, decease, being overweight or obese, to list a few.  So your total lifestyle is key to loosing weight; everything you eat must be fresh, dead “foods” will not due.  Eat more organic fruits and vegetables, understanding the universal number system used to label fruits and vegetable are important. Fruits and vegetables staring with 9 [ex: 908454] are produce organically, starting with 4 [ex. 405934] were produce with pesticides and insecticides, 8 are genetic Hybrid (suggest not to eat) and 3 are unknown origin (suggest not to eat). Non-hybrid is recommended; check our list of fruit and vegetable. 3[post link to nutritional list]  Also check out our recipe center3[post link to recipe center] for healthy ideas on creating your ideal recipe.

Your activity level is key, so exercise is essential.  You must have a way to exert stored energy that can build causing stress and dis-ease in the body.  Not only will you relieve stress and rejuvenate your body but you will also burn calories (fat), lose inches, creating a define body.

Now you must know your body type in order to move forward in creating and appropriate workout routine. Fill out our free assessment, and recieve a free 15 minute phone assessment that will assist you in create a personalize workout routine, and choosing the appropreate nutraceutical product(s).

The are four major body type that you will fall under.....

Lets look at someone who’s attempting to loose inches around his or her thigh and hips.  The first things they should avoid are heavy resistance training on lower extremities.  Example, using the treadmill at high incline or jogging up steep hills will increase the inches around thigh and hip area.  Even if high amounts of fat calories are being expended, muscle mass is being accumulated.  A demand is being create in the mind when this occurs and it triggers a neuromuscular stimulus for the demand of more muscle fibers.  Its is better to increase speed which in return will increase the heart rate, which increases the rate you expend calories.

Breath, Eat, Think, Drink and Exercise correctly, with accurate information and your ability to apply it, you will succeed in your quest on loosing weight and living a healthier lifestyle.



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